MetroMax Q Shelving

MetroMax Q Shelving


MetroMax Q™ shelving offers removable polymer shelf mats with epoxy coated frames, a more durable and cleanable alternative to traditional epoxy coated wire shelving. Shelf frames and epoxy coated posts carry a 15 year warranty against corrosion. Optional polymer posts offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Ideal for general wet or humid environments, walk-in coolers, and sterile areas.

• Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection is built into every shelf mat and all touch points - A Metro Exclusive
• Stationary, mobile, and high density storage options.
• Quick adjust shelves allow units to be easily reconfigured without tools on 1” (25mm) increments to maximize storage space.
• Vented mats allow air and light penetration and are easily removable for washing by hand or dish machines.
• Shelving units hold as much as traditional Metro wire shelving, up to 800 lbs. (363 kg) per shelf and 2000 lbs. per stationary unit
• A variety of accessories will help contain, identify, organize, and transport supplies.

Solid Shelf:

MetroMax i   corrosion proof solid shelves are compatible with MetroMax Q units. For 18 and 24” (457 and 610mm) deep shelves:  Shelves up to 60”  (1524mm) length feature a one-piece solid mat with built in ship’s edge to retain spilled liquids.  72” (1825mm) solid mat  has two sections.  For 21” (530mm) deep  shelves, solid overlays are available that attach to the open grid mats


Robust shelves and posts are designed to function in stationary, mobile, overhead track, AND   floor mounted track configurations. Standard stem casters allow for 600-900lb. (272-363kg) unit capacity (based on the casters selected).


Reinforced MetroMax i dunnage shelves offered increased weight capacity.

Shelves up  to 48” (1219mm) long:   1200lbs. (544kg) evenly distributed.

60” (1524mm) long shelves:  900lbs. (408kg) evenly distributed.


Sizes / Capacities

*Weight load  capacities are for evenly distributed weight.

Per Unit (with four posts):

Stationary unit:   up to 2000lbs. (907kg)

Mobile unit:   typical capacities are 600 – 900lbs  (272 – 408kg) and will depend on casters selected.

Shelving-Polymer and Steel Spec Sheet:

Clear Solid Ledges Spec Sheets: