Super Erecta Shelving

Super Erecta Shelving


Super Erecta®:

Since 1965, the original post-based adjustable shelving system has been copied, but never duplicated.

  • Finishes/Materials:   Type 304 Stainless Steel, Metroseal 3 epoxy coated, Chrome Plated, BRITE, Epoxy Colors

  • Strong design:  up to 800lb. (363kg) evenly distributed per shelf.

  • Standard 1-inch (25mm) shelf adjustment.

  • Easily configurable for stationary, mobile, or wall mount applications.

  • Unique shelf design minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air.

  • Variety of accessories will contain, identify, organize, and transport supplies.

*Weight load capacities are for evenly distributed weight:

Per Unit (with four posts)

Stationary unit: up to 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)

Mobile unit: typical capacities are 600 - 900 lbs. (272 - 408 kg) and will depend on casters selected.

Per Shelf

- Shelves up to and including 48" (1219 mm) long: 800 lbs. (363 kg) evenly distributed

- Shelves 54" (1370 mm) and longer: 600 lbs. (272 kg) evenly distributed


Chrome Plating The "real" Nickel-chrome finish for dry, low humidity environments. Metro's durable chrome finish includes a protective lacquer coat.

BRITE: Economical, chromate finish for dry, low humidity environments. Metro’s BRITE finish provides the look of chrome and includes a protective lacquer coat

Metroseal 3 epoxy: corrosion resistant finish for wet or high humidity environments carries a 12 year warranty against rust and corrosion. Microban antimicrobial product protection is built into the finish to keep the product “cleaner between cleanings”.

Standard Epoxy and Designer Finishes: A pleasing aesthetic and basic protection for dry environments. Black epoxy is also NSF listed for dry environments.

*Also in stainless steel


Robust shelves and posts are designed to function in stationary, mobile, overhead track, AND  floor mounted track configurations. Standard stem casters allow for 600-900lb. (272-363kg) unit capacity (based on the casters selected).

Super Erecta Spec Sheet:

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