Standard Duty - Stem Casters

Standard Duty - Stem Casters


Standard Duty

Stem casters are a simple, effective solution to transform static storage into mobile shelving or standard duty carts.   Mobile shelving enables an operator to easily reposition shelving to clean floors and walls or to reconfigure their storage area as needs change.   When used as a true “cart” , a stem caster cart provides strong, reliable transport within a facility and across most floors.

• Swivel stem casters enable  greater maneuverability in tight spaces. Brake swivel stem casters are used to ensure a mobile unit remains in a fixed position when  needed.  Rigid casters are used on a cart to improve the maneuverability over longer distances.

• Stem casters are available for basic dry environments, wet environments, and the most aggressive cart wash / autoclave requirements.

• 600 – 900lbs. (272 – 363kg) total unit capacity evenly distributed depending on the casters selected.

• Metro stem casters are non marking.

• 3-1/2” (89mm) flexible , polymer bumpers are included with stem casters to protect  walls from damage.

Standard Duty vs. Heavy Duty

Standard Duty versus Heavy Duty

  • Most mobile requirements are satisfied with standard duty stem casters.   Typical examples include:

  • Shelving is occasionally repositioned to clean floors and walls.

  • Shelving stores soiled items and needs to be sterilized in a cart wash machine or moved to an area for autoclave sterilization.

  • Basic transport over shorter distances within a room or between rooms and departments.  This may include rolling  on and off elevators and occasionally over thresholds .

Heavy Duty Applications require a dolly base and plate casters.  Typical examples include:

  • Shelving regularly crosses thresholds, travels up and down ramps, and rolls over rougher floors.

  • Shelving travels between facilities over the road on a regular basis.

  • Heavier weight bearing applications :   plate casters are larger than stem casters offering greater stability, control , and impact resistance .

Choosing the Proper Caster:

  • A basic plated caster is suitable for most dry environments. When choosing casters consider the load requirement, environment where it will be used, and the method of cleaning, Rigid casters improve the maneuverability and steering of a cart that must travel long distances. A rigid channel is provided with each two rigid casters at no charge. A typical configuration using rigid casters has two rigid and two swivel/brake casters.

  • Basic Caster Guide.