Metro Lodgix-31.01

Metro Lodgix-31.01


Designed to adapt as housekeeping requirements change. Polymer construction provides a long life, and aesthetic appearance presents an upscale image for any facility.

  • 8" Wheels Standard: Non-marking wheels combined with the polymer construction allow easy maneuverability over any floor surface.

  • "Natural Grip" Design: Positions hands properly for ease of use.

  • Bottom Shelf and Top Handle: Combine to hold brooms, vacuum cleaner, or waste receptacle.

  • Polymer Construction will not rust, corrode, dent, flake, chip, or peel.

  • Choice of three configurations: Essentials, Plus and Pro--configure one cart, and its accessories, to another with simple hand tools used in your facility.

  • Accessories include: Under Deck Vacuum Bracket; Under Deck Glass Rack Holder; Roller, Corner Bumpers; Side Storage Kit; Locking Door for Side Storage; Locking Top Shroud; Center Compartment Shelf; Side Storage Shelf; Waste Can Bracket.