Anesthesia Cart

Anesthesia Cart


Anesthesia Cart - FLANES

 Dimensions - 223/8"D  x  321/4"W  x  447/8" H

Flexlineis designed with interchangeable components and accessories that can be combined in different configurations to conform to various applications.

• Infection Control:

Flexline helps improve Infection Control with a cleaner design that includes corrosion proof polymer materials, smooth rounded corners to allow for easy cleaning and *Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection that keeps the cart cleaner between cleanings.

• Easy Mobility:

Lightweight polymer construction, integrated cart handles and 5" (127mm) polyurethane casters, 2 directional and2 total lock, provide for smooth transport and nimble maneuvering.

• Active Security:

Security can range from key locks to keyless entry electronic locks. The Electronic locks provide several levels of sophistication from simple keyless entry to auto-locking and audit trails. Card Readers (Proximity, Magnetic, & Bar Code) are an optional upgrade to the full feature electronic lock.

• Passive Security:

Drawers can be individually sealed with serialized plastic security seals or simply place a seal on the cart latch and seal all drawers with one seal.

• Added Security

: Additional secure storage may be had by specifying locking side bins. When ordered these bins will be secured by the carts locking mechanism, either on the key lock side or passive lock side ofthe cart.

• Field Upgradeable:

Drawers and many accessories may be added or reconfigured at the facility. Choose your drawers and accessories for today’s application needs and change them to meet tomorrow’s.

• Organization and Identification

: Self-closing, full access drawers in a variety of heights, drawer dividers and labels, side storage accessories and an overbridge system are available to allow for easy access and identification of cart contents.

• Spacious Worksurface provides a smooth writing surface or ample space for prep work. For additional work space an optional pass through side shelf is available as an added bonus.

• Identifiable:

Clean, contemporary design looks great in any professional environment. Ten drawer pull colors are available for easy identification of the cart or drawer purpose.



  •  3” Narcotics Box/Individual Locking Drawer

  • 2 – 3”, 2 – 6” & 1 – 9” Key Lock Drawers

  • 1 – 3” & 2 – 6/9” Drawer Divider Kits

  • 4 non-locking side bins

  • 28 qt. waste basket

  • Lockable sharps container

  • Peel Pouch/Catheter Holder

  • Overbridge with 2 hangar rails

  • Tilt Bins for hangar rail

Model - FLANES