#5400, Stretcher

#5400, Stretcher


#5400, Stretcher

The 5400 Series universal transport stretcher is versatile, yet economical. It’s the right stretcher for ED, OR, PACU, or any department where cost, efficiency and quality are required.


•  500 lbs. weight capacity

•  True Direction Steering (TDS)

•  Side rails - full length, single release

•  Center column design with precision ball

•  Positive/negative Trendelenburg single
pneumatic assist cylinder

• Pneumatic assist fowler (400 N 90# force)

• Brake & Steer activated foot pedals

• Dual side-mounted hydraulic foot pedals

• Four corner IV pole receptacles

•  Four restraint strap positions

•  Full PVC perimeter bumper

•  8" easy mobility casters