Lewis Bins


Add efficiency to assembly, work-in-process and picking applications in a wide range of industries. Choose from 15 LEWISBins+ stackable polypropylene Plastibox® Part Bins designed to function individually or as a system. These high-performance bins are used for secure storage and organization of small parts in industrial operations, healthcare, stockroom, warehouse and hardware merchandising applications.

  • Available on a make to order basis

  • Flat Label ID Area 3.0"W x 1.0"H

  • not designed for use on hanging systems


  • Light Blue


  • Outside Dimensions L (in):18.5

  • Outside Dimensions W (in):11.6

  • Outside Dimensions H (in):7.1

  • Inside Dimensions L (in):17.1

  • Inside Dimensions W (in):10.8

  • Inside Dimensions H (in):3.8

  • Carton Quantity:6

Compatible Products:

  • HR1313

  • HR1613

  • HR1813

  • HR2613

  • HR2813