X-Ray Protective Caps

#75060, Wolf Thyroid Collar

Wolf X-Ray

Wolf's Thyroid Collar provides protection to the neck area. The collar is held in place by a loop and hook closure. 0.5mm protection. See color and pattern choices below. Colors: 12:…

#75070, Sof-T Thyroid Collar

Wolf X-Ray

Wolf's new Sof-T Thyroid Collar provides the wearer the ultimate in protection and comfort. By combining an outer shell of soft, stain resistant nylon and a super pliable, lightweight lead…

#75505-22, X-Ray Protective Head Cap

Wolf X-Ray

Wolf's X-Ray Protective Head Cap helps protect the the skull from radiation, providing 0.5mm LE Protection on all sides and 0.25mm protection on top. Made of the same materials as…